Old Study

Home & Decor Services 

All our pieces are hand painted and upcycled into something new that often becomes the family heirloom, or ‘that piece’ that sits in that special nook in your home.

Each piece is created in a unique way and styled to represent its age and character.  We pride ourselves in transforming these pieces by using the techniques and long-time expertise in both furniture design and manufacture. 

If you would like an old piece of furniture transformed or home décor inspiration please feel free to contact us at contact@amourdepavot.nz  

Upcycling Workshops 

Learning to upcycle furniture is both fun and this skill can be turned into a small business. 

 If you want to attend one of our set workshops, please let us know and we will contact you with any up and coming workshop dates.  

If you have a group of friends who would love to learn how to upcycle you can request a private workshop, and we will create a workshop specifically for you and your group.  

Please use our contact page to ask about these services.